ROCK Institute

ROCK trainer Blake Rowerdink

ROCK Institute is a faith based company that seeks to create meaningful and lasting relationships with athletes, patients, clients, and the community. ROCK has been around for over three decades and has served more than 15,000 clients. Their Performance division has worked with top Olympic athletes to those who are just starting their sports journey.

Their Wellness and Corrective division has treated people age 5-100 with any number of ailments or disabilities. They use Stem Cell, PRP, Prolotherapy, Corrective Therapy, EPAT Technology and much more to help people reach their full potential.

“We have a joy in serving others. Humbly and faithfully, we believe the human body is divinely created and, as such, endowed with an instinctive capacity to perform and regenerate far beyond science and medicine can fully explain,” says Brent Concolino, President of The ROCK Institute.

Their core values revolve around being authentic and creating a lasting family like relationship with their clients. They have a passion for changing lives by preventing unwarranted surgeries, healing disease and maximizing human potential.

They work with between 100 to 300 different people per week in their two locations but still find time to make it feel like home for their clients. Through a detail oriented approach they are able to tailor programs that help the athlete or individual achieve the best results.

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