LVL Rules

  • Teams of 10-12 athletes
  • Play 3 set rally score matches (21,21,15)
  • Team captains will participate in a coin toss to determine serve and side
  • Warm-ups will be 2-4-4 (2 minutes of joint ball handling followed by 4 minutes for each team beginning with the serving team).
  • Teams switch sides between each set and switch sides at 8 in the third set


Serving rules:

  • May start at a maximum of 18 feet onto the court (two feet behind the 10ft line)
  • For each service, the player must step back toward the endline
  • On the fourth attempt to serve for the term of service, ALL servers must be behind the endline.
  • Foot Faults will now be called.
  • After 5 consecutive serves in the court teams must rotate to their next server.


* If your servers are on the court foot faulting and service goes to the deep back court, this server must step way back on the next serve – on, near or behind the endline.  The allowing of foot faults is just so the server can get the serve over the net and not to beat the serve receive with the deep service or to over power them with the overhand serve.


Ball Handling:

  • Subjective ball handling violations will only be called in the oldest age group and will be called loosely to allow play to continue as much as possible.
  • In younger age groups doubles will not be called but significant lifts (catching the ball) will be


The goal of the LVL is for young athletes to learn and have fun! We expect all coaches and parents to embrace the spirit of the league and help us create a positive learning environment